La Petite Epicérie Saigon

La Petite Èpicerie Saigon is a family of products that combine the unique flavours of Vietnam and the surrounding regions with a French twist. Founded by three French food lovers La Petite Èpicerie’s mission is to catch the essence of each region. They are all currently living in the heart of Vietnam’s tropical southern area, well known for its abundance of fresh fruits and spices.

La Petite Épicerie Saigon found its way onto our kitchen table one dark winter evening thanks to my foodie brother Fredrik, who had discovered the jam in Saigon. We had never tasted something like this before, each flavor with its own interesting combination of fruit and spices such as mango & ginger, guava & lemongrass and passion fruit & cardamom. We all loved it and kept asking him to bring back more. Now, a year later, we are happy to be able to bring La Petite Épicerie Saigon to your kitchen table.